Queensberry Wedding Album Goodness!

Happy holidays, Internet!

We have a little treat for our fans here!  We just received two gorgeous Queensberry books and thought, "what an opportunity to brag a little!"  These two will show off the difference of two cover styles, as well as leather colors.  But before we get into all that, how about this packaging?  Tasteful and impressive!

Queensberry wedding album presentation box

If anyone knows what the script writing says, please share.  I imagine it says something like, "Super, awesome, book inside.  No joke.  Obvi, the best."  Something along those lines, anyway.

Queensberry wedding album inside cloth cover

Or, how about this textured cloth cover?  I know there's no writing on it, but to me, this one says, "IT CAN BE CHRISTMAS EVERY TIME YOU OPEN ME."  Maybe I'm a little off again.  Maybe.

Queensberry wedding album inside presentation box

Above, you can see the book inside the black velvet covering.  You can see it, but you can't see it.  It's something else to see these in person.  Let's get into the actual books.

Queensberry wedding album black leather

This one is a half photo front, with black leather.  I will almost always suggest a black and white image for covers.  The half photo cover is extremely contemporary, but paired with a great black and white image, you have a timeless design and no one executes it better than Queensberry.  First time I saw this design, and the clean transition and combination of the leather and the satin-finish photo cover, I knew I could no longer offer any other album company's books to my clients.

Queensberry wedding album closeup.

Now, let's look at a white leather album, with a full photo cover.

Queensberry white leather wedding album
Queensberry white leather album closeup
Queensberry album binding closeup

Check out one of my favorite spreads, below.

Queensberry wedding album opened

And let's put them together for some album lovin'...

Artistic album photo
Two Queensberry wedding albums on top of each other
Queensberry albums on top of each other

And finally, a brief but important "thank you," to my friend Amanda, for taking the time to take these photos.  She's a lovely and talented portrait photographer.  She has a great eye and she makes a mean hot chocolate.  Thanks, Panda!

Artistic wedding album photo