Hello World.

I imagine that a first blog post should be a bit of an introduction.  So, hello!  If you don't know about Sage, we've been rocking the wedding scene for a bit over 5 years now.  

Some of the Sage crew with one of our coolest couples (after a long night of partying).

Some of the Sage crew with one of our coolest couples (after a long night of partying).

It's been a lot of fun and I've met so many couples that I care to call my friends now.  I originally started as a photographer who would shoot freelance for other wedding companies.  It was a great learning experience but large wedding studios are a bit of a flawed system.  I shot many weddings where my first introduction to the Bride and Groom was on the day of the actual wedding. It's just a recipe for bad luck!  My decision to run my own wedding studio was so that I could have more control over the overall process and actually understand my couples and be able to deliver photos that I know they'll love.  But- I'll expand on this another time.

I'm excited to be re-launching the Sage Studios webpage and to showcase some of our more recent work.  Many of you already keep in touch with us over facebook/twitter/instagram (and if you don't, hint hint), but this blog will allow me to say a little more and give you guys an idea of what goes on behind the scenes.  I'll also be able to impart some of the wisdom that comes from shooting hundreds of weddings.  

Almost every wedding I shoot, I learn something new.  Whether it be from the couples, the bridal party, or just the day itself.  I've always thought to myself, "self, it would be great if people knew ahead of time about X or Y."  So I promise, if there's a blog-post  there should be something pretty interesting!

So with that, I'll conclude the first post and leave you guys with some humor.  Play us off, keyboard cat!

PS - Not our video/footage/music.