Why Do People Always Want to Eat Newborns?

The more newborn shoots I do, the more I realize, we're all really just inherently cannibals.  And it always comes out around newborn babies.  As soon as you put a little hat or tie on the baby, everyone wants to eat the newborn!  "Oh my gosh, he's so cute!! I just want to EAT HIM."  Without fail, every time.  It's as if the baby props are basically Nutella.  Sweet, delicious Nutella.

Newborn photo with blue hat.
Newborn sleeping with blue hat on.

I believe it when they say there's no bond like a mother and her child.

Mother with her newborn son.

One last one of the rest of the family (that includes Elmo).

Dad with daughter and toy Elmo.

Villa Barone Mahopac, Westchester, NY - Katrina and Tom

If you follow our Facebook Page, you may recognize these images.  If you don't-  well, you should follow our page.  How else will you stay up to date with all of the images posted on there?!  How will we amass our likes?!  How will you know if we're running a promotion for a free engagement session?!  What if we're just- literally, giving away bags of money!?!  You're right, that's probably not happening.  But it COULD.  It could.

Ladies and gentlemen, Kat and Tom!

Glen Island Park - Westchester Engagement Session

If you were to ask me what I'm up to this summer, the answer would probably involve lots of shoots, lots of editing, lots of appointments, and a near-death experience in a Charleston thunderstorm.  Okay, I don't know about near-death, but it was near being a near-death experience.  A near-near-death experience, if you will.  I digress.

Below we have.... Juliana and Mike!  We spent a few weeks corresponding, trying to figure out the perfect time and place to have our shoot.  We settled on Glen Island Park because of its awesome sunset waterfront, regal architecture, and all around good vibe.

Woman in front of gate at Glen Island Park.
Couple running along the water at Glen Island Park.

We tried to have a little fun with it...  At this point, I was laying on my back having them run laps around me, haha!

Couple having fun at Glen Island Park.

Now for some delicious, black and white, shallow depth-of-field portraits.  Love the juxtapose of seriousness and laughter.

Black and white photo of couple's faces together at Glen Island park.
Black and white photo of couple laughing together at Glen Island park.

Let's wrap it up with a few silhouettes and that sunset that we were after.

Silhouette of couple against blue sky with sun flare in Glen Island Park. 
Silhouette of couple against orange sunset sky at Glen Island Park.

For the final shot, I told Juliana, "Kiss him like you mean it."

Couple Kissing at Glen Island Park during sunset.